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Learning Dutch in 1 week? Of course that's possible! That's what Richard van Egdom claims and his former students witness since years, read:

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the best dutch course compare Some opinions:

"Wonderful training, really an impressive learning experience. Richard is a very dedicated and efficient professor. I will always remember this experience. Dank u Richard, dit was een bijzondere week! " Mauricio Soufen, Anheuser-Bush Inbev, Belgium.

"Richard listens well, shares is own story, is precise with details and feedback and always with a good feeling. Hartelijk dank Richard." David F. Beaty, O.D. Reflection and Action, Netherlands.

"I enjoyed the course. It enforced what I had previously learned and corrected many mistakes." Ben Remington, TNO, Netherlands.

"This was a good 'new' beginning for me. One on one coaching is what I needed to help me focus on what I need to be learning and how I learn a new language."Shana Snow, Reckoning, Netherlands.

"This was an excellent course. Richard is to be complemented on his friendly and sincere manner and his keen sense of the specific needs of his students."  Robert Vanderdonck, Canada.

"I liked how the course was structured. A lot of talking, some grammar, a lot of listening, some breaks and times to rest a bit. Plus Richard was very patient and explained all in a very clear way."  Marcela Brandi, Netherlands.

"A great learning experience, a great technique and a great learning environment;" Robert Mayhew, Duke University.

"I liked the full immersion (from the start!) in Dutch. At first it was difficult but as my ear tuned into Dutch it became easier. Definitely learning the tenses of the verbs is imperative to progress."  Janet Glave, counselor, Dubai.

"My experience was excellent from the beginning until the end. Before deciding to take the class Richard helped me decide what the best program for my specific situation was. The progress I made in one week is unbelievable even for someone like me on his sixth language. Thank you, you gave me all the tools to get better on my own." Diego Acevedo, Karlville inc.


Learning Dutch in 1 week? Thats what Richard claims and his former students witness since years.  More about :


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