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In 5, 7 or 9 days private intensive immersion crash courses for the higher educated | residential or online.

Learn Dutch online, customized private one to one training, very intensive and effective, in modules. Crash courses. All levels.

Looking for an online Dutch course? That suits your availability? Here it is:
Online courses in 15, 21 or 26 modules of 2 lessons. Modules allow to build your course spreading them according to your availability, over one or two weeks or some weekends.
The modules focus on: acquiring proper pronunciation, the appropriate sentence melody and learning living Dutch structures (syntax and grammar).
Organize at least 1 additional hour of self-study per module. For these hours you'll get personalized exercises to improve your pronunciation, mastering of living Dutch structures, acquisition of more related vocabulary and if you wish, more written fluency.
At the beginners level, these online courses aim at acquiring true mastery of modern Dutch in your shortest possible time at A2 level: correct pronunciation and sentence melody, good syntax, mastery of essential grammar and everyday vocabulary, ... . Allowing you to participate in usual everyday conversations with  your partner, colleagues, neighbors, in-laws our friends.
At an advanced level these online courses are tailor-made: more personalization, more immediate feedback. Expansion of your vocabulary, understanding of different accents, argumentation, complex speech, technical discussions, writing, ... .  In a way to progress up to levels B1B2C1 or C2 at your best pace

Learn Dutch fast online

Efficient online learning for beginners and advanced


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Learn Dutch fast online with Richard van EgdomLearn Dutch fast online

These are crash courses for the higher educated.
Beginner courses aim at true mastering Standard Dutch at an A2 proficiency level in 15, 21 or 26 online modules of 90 minutes each, interspersed with time for independent study. Spread according to your experience learning foreign languages, your learning style and your availabilities.
Advanced courses aim to progress fast to acquire proficiency levels B1, B2, C1 or even C2. They are more made to measure according to the proficiency you already have.
All online courses are private one to one teaching: a dedicated experienced teacher aware of your learning style, best pace, progression, understanding, lacks and needs, committed to get you at the proficiency level you want at your most efficient pace.

An online course with Richard van Egdom is very efficient. But very efficient also means: very intensive.
You can — most intensively — spread your modules over 5, 7 or 9 days (= 3 modules a day) or over 8, 10 or  13 days (= 2 modules a day) . 

Modules focus on understanding and fluently speaking: beautiful standard pronunciation and sentence melody, correct living Dutch sentence construction, really necessary grammar, the vocabulary you need, ... . Meanwhile getting (more) insight into our Dutch and/or Flemish manners, culture and mentality.
Rehearsal and self-study focus on further in depth training through made to measure key sentences according to your needs, weaknesses useful extra related vocabulary and helpful written exercises to master — only needed essential — grammar and living Dutch syntax.
These online Dutch courses and the coaching focus on the essential, the necessary and the useful:

Best pronunciation of standard Dutch
Unlike English Dutch has long vowels (aa, oo, uu, ee, ie) and diphthongs (au, ou, oe). These long vowels do not exist in English and these diphthongs are often pronounced differently. Our sharp u doesn't exist in English. But luckily, unlike in English, our vowels are always pronounced the same way. Dutch stress is most frequently on  long vowels. Or, in compound words, on the part that makes the difference.
Consonants (ch, g) are pronounced differently than their English sisters, our 'h' is audible.
The result is more melodious sentences, with some words, and parts of words, being pronounced a little louder.

True mastery of correct syntax
Dutch uses 2 forms of syntax: simple sentences and subordinate sentences. It is the place of the conjugated part of the verb that makes the difference.
In a simple affirmative sentence the conjugated part of the verb must be in the 2nd place. And, the subject must either immediately precede or immediately follow. E.g. Vandaag eet ik een appel. (Word for word translation: Today eat I an apple).
Subordinate sentences, however, are introduced by 'dat' or an other subordinate conjunction. They start with the subject but verbs are found at the end of the sentence. E.g. Papa ziet dat ik vandaag een appel eet. (word-for-word translation: Daddy sees that I today an apple eat). These differences with English require some practice.

True mastery of essential grammar
Dutch grammar is simpler than English grammar.
The conjugation of verbs - except for a few of the most used verbs - is of an easy regularity. And, the conjugation in the present plural is for all persons = the infinitive.
If it is not about people, in modern Dutch not gender but the definite article ('de' or 'het') determines the agreement of pronouns and adjectives.
In short: thanks to its regularity the essentials of Dutch grammar are (and should be) mastered from proficiency level A2 on.

If you want to be understood by natives, correct pronunciation, good melody and correctly constructed sentences are essential. A true mastery of all aspects of the A2 level is necessary and sufficient to perfect your Dutch by yourself through daily conversation with your colleagues, colleagues, friends, partner, husband or wife or in-laws, ... .


efficient online dutch courses for the higher educated who want to get bilingualEfficient online learning  for beginners and  advanced

Efficient fast online learning, accelerated Dutch immersion courses with Zoom (allows video conversation, chat, recording and more).

1. You're staring from scratch
Having no previous knowledge of Dutch is rather an advantage. You didn't 'acquire' bad habits. That makes it easier to work up to A2 proficiency fast. If you do have some Dutch beginners' proficiency yet Richard van Egdom, your teacher, will first help you to get rid of any incorrect pronunciation, syntax or grammar habits.
To help beginners to acquire true mastery of as well pronunciation, sentence melody and structure and essential grammar, Richard prefers to use 'Totaal' by Anneke van den Broek. This manual is the only one avoiding learning grammar rules by focusing on almost unconscious acquisition of Dutch syntax and grammar structures through accompanied, personalized and corrected dialogue. Using this manual and its audios as a support allows focusing on understanding and speaking. That way, in 15, 21 or 26 modules - and your hard work - you're to reach proficiency level A2 at your optimal learning pace in your best possible number of days.
Don't worry. Although Richard has a very efficient teaching style, he's not scholastic at all. See testimonials.

2. You are already fluent in Dutch at A2 level or higher
You are looking for a private one to one online Dutch course. You want committed personal support, learning assistance that really helps, conversations on topics you'd like to be able to talk and discuss about. And, you're not afraid of a skillful experienced teachers confronting feedback about what you really still need to become truly bilingual.
Because you are really looking for better understanding with your partner, in-laws, friends, team members and colleagues.
Because you want to be able to study or teach in Dutch.
Or, practice a medical or paramedical profession (= requires true proficiency at B1 to be allowed to start, B2 or even level C1 to be appointed or to settle down).
You need to understand others feelings, situation, proposals and opinions. Be able to express your understanding, own feelings, situation, proposals, opinion. So you can really meet, exchange, dialogue, argue,  ... .
You need to understand essential points of complex texts, talks, speeches and technical discussions in your specialty.
You want to grow able to communicate spontaneously and fluently in Dutch with your partner, family, students, team, colleagues, patients or others.
Don't mind to mail  Richard and ask for an online conversation in Dutch for about 20'. To allow him to evaluate your proficiency and look with you for the fastest and most efficient way to improve your Dutch proficiency up to the level you want or need.


Efficient online immersion crash courses Dutch, one to one, focusing on your needs and goals. Emphasis on understanding and fluently speaking Dutch. Conversation centered learning, integrating those topics you're interested in. These are Richard's ingredients of efficient motivating private Dutch courses. That way you want to meet, share your experiences, opinions and ideas, put your questions, give your answers, ... . As you want to communicate in Dutch about your job, interests, hobbies, concerns, you want to learn Dutch as fast as you can.
Last but not least: starting from scratch an online crash course is an ideal preparation for a more advanced residential course too.


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