Richard van Egdom your dedicated private Dutch teacher


Learning Dutch in one single week, Dutch crashcourses with Richard van Egdom   Who's Richard ?

Richard is an experienced dedicated and most efficient private Dutch teacher (testimonies).
Thanks to his background he teaches you how to understand, speak and communicate fluently in Dutch in 5, 7 or 9 days. 

Training and career:

Richard studied sociology, social psychology, family sciences and post master organizational development and action research at Louvain University. Further counseling training in Gestalt, Client-centered and focusing.
He has been working as a private consultant and ended up counseling managers and professionals on integration of career and family life in Zurich.
He knows and understands what ex pats, executive managers, diplomats, lawyers and the higher educated are concerned and talking about.
Richard also teaches phenomenology of problem solving, learning process and moral development at school of continuing studies (SCFP) of Lille II university Law and Health (France). Richard's phenomenology link (in French).

He's also a certified mountain leader, fluent in Dutch (his mother tongue), English, French and German and knows some Spanish, Catalan and Polish.
Richard's personal method is based on his training in teaching languages with Jean-Luc Godard the founder of dialogue and his knowledge and skills in the field of phenomenology of cognition.  

Hobbies and interests:

His job Dutch language teaching, language, learning strategies, life sciences, research on cognition, happiness, moral and character development, economics, hiking the Pyrenees Mountains and aikido.


Call Richard for talking over about your needs and wish to learn Dutch fast:
+32 497 62 18 05 

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