learning Dutch fast
5, 7 or 9 days private intensive immersion crash courses for the higher educated

Intensive full immersion crash course Dutch.

Intensive full immersion Dutch courses. Focusing on conversation skills: understanding and speaking. Hence: right pronunciation and sentence melody, correct syntax, commonly used vocabulary, the useful essentials of Dutch grammar. Private teaching + extra conversation opportunities during meals and free time. Full immersion, tailored private Dutch lessons focusing on the necessary bases for your proficiency. Emphasis on understanding en fluently speaking Dutch. Conversation centered learning, integrating news and other topics you're interested in.

Private intensive Dutch courses for the higher educated.
How your week would look like.


Efficient full immersion Dutch course Crash courses Dutch for the higher educated only.

The method is based on higher educateds' skills: creative dissatisfaction and recognition of structures. Such an intensive full immersion private crash course allows executive managers, diplomats, lawyers, and other higher educated to learn Dutch in a week: 5, 7 or 9 days.
That's what Richard's full immersion private residential Dutch courses claim and former students witness since years.

These private intensive immersion Dutch courses are customized. From the very beginning Dutch conversation skills is the thing to develop.  - 6 made one to one lessons, + 3 hours of extra conversation a day, + 2 to 3 hours of revision on your own (coached revision is possible too)  = more than 50 hours of immersion in Dutch  - your Dutch improves up to 2 levels in 5 days. If you need to progress more 7 or 9 days private immersion Dutch courses are possible too, all you need to do is contact Richard.

Efficient made to measure Dutch crash courses - tailored to your personal needs - take place at Averbode Abbey one of our oldest and most beautiful historic abbeys surrounded by a calm and scenic nature and wildlife area 'Averbode Bos en Heide'. (The abbey has it's own, of course Belgian, beer). 

 How is this learn Dutch retreat designed?

At the start (if you don't start from scratch) Testing your level of proficiency According to the European Proficiency Scale

Most important is learning Dutch the way native speakers would prefer to hear.
In order of what makes it easier to understand you this is :
1. correct standard pronunciation,
2. correct sentence structure,
3. vocabulary,
4. respect of basic grammar rules.
Richard's courses focus on conversational Dutch. Focusing on understanding and speaking you're of course learning Dutch grammar, syntax and spelling too. You discuss test results with Richard and together fix goals and priorities for your week.

Full immersion private Dutch courses.

From the first day on Richard is talking Dutch with you.
This full immersion may be somewhat strange at first but you'll rapidly discover it's efficiency in allowing you to learn Dutch at your pace in the shortest possible time.
Such a 'sudden' immersion in  a language you don't know, demands some adaptation from your brain. Don't worry, you can trust its creative dissatisfaction response : It will start to function autonomously, looking for contextual and nonverbal clues to understand what is said.
That's why this is the best and fastest possible way to learn Dutch for the higher educated : you know from experience you can trust your brain's innate ability to recognize structures.

Private one to one Dutch lessons with Richard your dedicated tutor.

Theme-centered learning Dutch: daily situation oriented conversation and conversation on topics you're interested in.
Your made to measure Dutch course is build up around what you are interested in and want or need to communicate about in Dutch . Meanwhile you get the help you need to progress: Richard hands you the every-day or professional vocabulary you need. Teaches you good pronunciation. Shows you the right way to express yourself. Emphasizes on clear 'one idea one sentence' Dutch and common language.
This is the fastest way to express yourself in easy understandable good Dutch. 
During your course we may use articles, radio or TV news, recordings, texts on subjects your interested in, hobbies, work, family-life, home, Dutch ways of live, ... .

If you're starting from scratch we use 'Wablieft' too, a weekly newspaper for foreigners learning Dutch.  By 'Wablieft' you get information on last week's news and actual topics among the natives. Most useful : although printed, Wablieft uses every-day spoken Dutch. Seeing and reading commonly spoken Dutch, although you may not be aware of, your brain notices how Dutch spelling suggests correct pronunciation. Seeing and reading Dutch helps you abandon English-like pronunciation more easily. You see what consonants are assimilated by what others and how words are written. Rather unconsciously your brain grasps regularities in Dutch pronunciation.
And, you see the sentence's structure. Seeing sentence structure makes it more easy to imitate and absorb the way native Dutch-speakers stress parts of the sentence and parts of the words. You see where you can take a breath to have enough air for correct pronunciation of those long Dutch vowels respecting the rhythm of Dutch sentences.

Breakfast, Lunch, diner are another opportunity to practice every-day Dutch in an every-day situation.
Starting to practice conversation with the other guests. In the evening there's time left you watch TV-news together.
Relaxed dinner conversations, acquaintance, exchange, ... . Opportunity to meet ordinary Dutch speaking people and ask them everything you'd like to know about the way Dutch speaking natives are and think, our history, social life, habits and customs, wit and humor, ... . 

 Revision and choosing key-sentences.

Each afternoon's last lessons are to review vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation and grammar encountered during morning lessons, breaks or watching the news. From yours and your teachers notes you choose key-sentences that may be more useful as an extra pronunciation, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary aid.
These key sentences are used to help you improve your pronunciation, finding the right rhythm and melody of Dutch sentences. Doing so  almost unconsciously you integrate correct living Dutch sentence structure and grammar in an almost effortless way.

Free time.

Learning a new language is a  demanding mental activity. Having a siesta, taking a shower or bath, going for a walk to discover the surrounding country-side and nature ... are necessary to keep your brain relaxed and awake.
After break you can do some personal reviewing of notes and key-sentences the way you like. You may need 2 to 3 hours for optimal results. Essential for learning Dutch fast is to keep yourself immersed in Dutch. The more you cut of yourself from reading or speaking any other language, the faster you learn understanding, thinking, feeling and speaking Dutch.
Don't mind sleeping enough : during sleep your brain processes and integrates the day's experiences and what you learned. Students often tell they even started dreaming in Dutch. After 6 or more private Dutch lessons and ongoing conversation your brain needs a rest to integrate! Disconnecting, a good balance between activity and rest, contact and withdrawal are important to learn Dutch the fastest possible way.
Your intensive private one to one made to measure Dutch course with Richard is rich and intensive. Letting your thoughts freewheeling is a way your brain integrates new experiences. Relaxing, decanting, without any conscious effort leads to internal conversation, thinking and even dreaming in Dutch.

Learning Dutch, customized immersion Dutch crash course.

Every morning debriefing and feedback to adjust this made to measure Dutch course to your learning. What's getting easier? What's still somewhat difficult? Feedback about conversations with the locals or other guests. It's your made to measure private Dutch course. It can be adapted day by day according to your progress and needs, rhythm and learning pace.

Learn Dutch, full private immersion for the higher educated, last day :

Together you discuss what you would like to review, deepen or train this last day. This may be some pronunciation or intonation, some points of sentence structure, essential grammar or spelling, whatever you need.

Testing for feedback on how to continue to improve your Dutch. Richard uses a similar method as first day to evaluate your progress according to the European proficiency scale. Taking into account goals and priorities you fixed yourself at the beginning of this intensive Dutch immersion week. Testing offers  you, a more objective experience of your progress. But most pleasant of course will be your real life experience: your better understanding, speaking fluently and thinking in Dutch.


Full immersion Dutch courses, fully tailored private Dutch lessons, emphasis on understanding en fluently speaking Dutch, conversation centered learning, integrating those topics you're interested in. These are Richard's ingredients of efficient motivating private Dutch courses. That way you want to meet, share your experiences, opinions and ideas, put your questions, give your answers, ... . As you want to communicate in Dutch about your interests, hobbies, concerns, you want to learn Dutch as fast as you can.

contact Richard:
or call +32 497 62 18 05

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5,7 or 9 days intensive private Dutch courses to learn Dutch fast.