learning Dutch fast
5, 7 or 9 days private intensive immersion crash courses for the higher educated

Learning Dutch fast: 1 week private immersion Dutch courses.

Private made to measure cost-effective immersion Dutch crash courses. For the higher educated who want to learn Dutch and be fluent in 1 week.
Fluent at A2 level starting from scratch within 5, 7 or 9 days? That's possible. All you need is : 1. intensive private Dutch courses, 2. made to measure, 3. cost-effective, 4. immersion, 4. an experienced dedicated teacher.
Starting from scratch, you understand and speak Dutch fast: right pronunciation, correct sentence structure, only useful grammar, commonly used vocabulary.
Intensive advanced courses up to B1 and B2 if you're already A2.
Weekend courses possible.Further coaching to pass the official Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal (CNaVT = certificate Dutch as a foreign language) if needed.

Is in 1 week only immersion really possible?
Differences between Dutch and English.
How to learn Dutch fast and lasting?
Learning a language this way is an amazing experience.
More information in full detail and contact Richard.


Learning Dutch in one single week, Dutch crashcourses with Richard van EgdomIn 1 immersion week only ?! 

Learning Dutch fast in one week only? Indeed, if English or any other Germanic language is your mother tongue - or a second language you're already proficient in - and you want to learn Dutch fast you don't need more than a week to learn Dutch. A 5, 7 or 9 day immersion crash course with Richard van Egdom an experienced dedicated native Dutch language teacher suffices. Starting from scratch you get up to level A2 on the European Language Proficiency Scale. A2 is the level you need for everyday conversation with colleagues, neighbors friends or in-laws. This includes everyday vocabulary, all you need to know about correct Dutch syntax, standard pronunciation and grammar. Once you're level A2, you're able to progress on your own learning Dutch more and more through daily conversation, listening radio, watching TV or surfing the web.

A one week immersion Dutch course?
No, a private intensive made to measure immersion Dutch course. You almost only hear, read and talk Dutch. Looks tough. Is tough the first hours. Then you discover how this is amazingly efficient, necessary and sufficient to get your brain switching to creative dissatisfaction mode. As you are an higher educated you know by experience that giving in to creative dissatisfaction your brain (you) without voluntary interfering (would be contra-productive !) starts discovering links to context, relationships, structures, differences, ... starts guessing, grasping and ends up understanding. Richards approach to learning Dutch by intensive immersion is a most efficient conversation and client centered method. Its the answer to "How to learn Dutch fast?" Testimonies.

It's a crash course: focusing on learning to understand and speak Dutch as fast as possible. Learning to be fluent (the right words, correct sentences, good standard pronunciation) about those topics you are interested in. Starting to think in Dutch from the first hour on : about things you like, want or need to talk and share about with your colleagues, neighbors, friends, partner, in-laws, ... . Your and their work, hobbies, interests, ideas, goals, experience, ... .

Made to measure. You get the Dutch everyday vocabulary and proficiency you are looking for, learning at your pace, as fast and efficiently as you can ... . After only 1 week full immersion Dutch course with Richard  you're able to understand, speak and communicate fluently in Dutch. While talking about topics you like or need to talk about, you learn that Dutch you want to know. Those words, phrases and sentence constructions you need to be able to talk about what's important to you. Learning Dutch this way is not schoolish. It's your immersion Dutch course, personalized, rooted in your real life and everyday experiences. You learn Dutch that fast because staying in a Dutch speaking country you want to be able to integrate and have more sharing real human contact. You don't need to stay an outsider. It's much more rewarding and pleasant to get involved, loved and appreciated.


Private Dutch classes for the higer educatedSome differences with English these private intensive Dutch courses focus on :

Dutch pronunciation : f.ex. The 'u' vowel as pronounced in Dutch doesn't exist in English. It's necessary to focus on. Taking some time training your ears, some humoristic exercising and a bit of self-discipline. To be easily understood you need to get the difference between short and long vowels, without diphthongizing. Long vowels rhythm words and sentences in Dutch. That's uncommon in English. Fortunately Dutch pronunciation is much more phonetic and spelling much more regular : while starting to read Dutch texts on topics you're interested in, with Richard's help, you'll quickly grasp those regularities. Although what you learn is Standard Dutch pronunciation, you'll get familiar with major varieties in accent too (click on the map below).

Living Dutch sentence structure and word order : That piece of non conjugated verb at the end of Dutch sentences is a bit strange, isn't it? It's usual both in Dutch and German when talking about past events. Talking in Dutch about those topics you're really interested in, you'll grasp Dutch sentence structure quickly. Simple subordinate clauses are quite often used in spoken Dutch. One idea, one sentence. That's necessary to be easily understood, as it is in English.

Essential Dutch grammar : Focusing on studying grammar and exercising may be a usual way for teachers to get along with a class. Maybe you already learned some Dutch that way. It's useful : it helps reading and understanding a Dutch text at your pace. When you've got all the time you need. But it's not enough if you are involved in real life conversation. You're probably lacking familiarity with spoken Dutch and native speaker's variations in pace, rhythm, pronunciation and accent. Richard hands you the Dutch grammar you need the moment you need it during daily live Dutch conversations. The presence at diner of other native speakers familiarizes with real live differences in spoken Dutch. That way you learned your mother tongue. A natural immersion is the easiest and fastest way to learn Dutch in 1 week only.  


Boomklever, Averbode Bos & Heide, 7 maart 2014, foto Karel Van RompaeyWant to learn Dutch fast and lasting ? Go for a learning Dutch retreat!

Free yourself as much as possible - totally would be most efficient - from any contact with any other language but Dutch.
Be aware you really need those 2 to 3 hours a day extra to review, study, reread and absorb what you learned. Enough time to rest and sleep is necessary too to integrate it.
To learn Dutch in 5, 7 or 9 days starting from scratch you need to be able to concentrate on learning Dutch only.
Organize your week in a way you don't need more than 1 hour a day for phone calls, mails etc. in any other language. The reason is the needs of your learning process. Learning a new language is a most brain resources demanding activity : your brain scanning the context continuously to grasp. Interruption of that ongoing process learning Dutch would be contra productive : your brain would need to start all over again. That takes at least 20' each time.


Private Dutch immersion courses surrounded by natureLearning Dutch this way is an amazing experience.

Getting fluent in Dutch in one week only is a fascinating experience of your natural innate learning processes too. This way of learning Dutch in just one week is natural and that's why it's efficient and lasting. Vocabulary, good pronunciation, grammar, Dutch syntax, ..., are no goals but tools allowing you to understand and speak Dutch, interchange about your interests. It's even an interesting different way of being in the world you discover. You discover yourself talking and thinking in Dutch about what you're involved in. As a result you may even start dreaming in our language. But most important you find out how to talk without that time-consuming detour of translation causing you to be only halfway, when your partner already finished his or her sentence ;-).

You're not just learning language, you're learning Dutch ways of live, attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling, from the inside. Through relaxed conversation about yourself, people and what's going in Flanders and the Netherlands. You're learning about Dutch and Flemish culture and society, about our values, topics, differences, about our concerns and the ways we are. During this intensive private full immersion Dutch course, you learn our social grammar too : our customs, habits and social rules. That's necessary if you really want to understand, manage efficiently native Dutch speaking people or get involved more personally with the locals, your Dutch speaking colleagues, friends or neighbors, your partner and his or her family.

More about those full immersion Dutch crash courses:

Full immersion crashcourses.  
Who's Richard van Egdom?
What does such an efficient crashcourse cost?
Usefull ressources.
Asses your Dutch proficiency?  

contact: richard@learning-dutch.com
or call +32 497 62 18 05 (leave a message so Richard can call you back.When teaching he isn't available)

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Dutch speaking area, roughly Flanders and the Netherlands without Friesland.